Best Practices: Implementation Process & Procedures

  • Client Task: Clean up data before 
  • Client/Samaritan Task: Review clients’ processes with Samaritan as first steps of project.
  • Fully staff implementation project:
    • Client Project Manager
    • Client Business Analysis
    • Client Quality Assurance
    • Client Marketing (Web)
    • Client Business users
      • If there are a lot of business users elect 1-2 users to represent the group.
      • Avoid decisions by committee.
  • Client Task: Cutover Plan: Validate old system(s) are shutdown before GO LIVE
  • Client Task (unless purchased from Samaritan): Update operating procedures (business processes)
    • Create Step by step instructions in operating procedures (business processes)
  • Automations: When creating a new Automation during an Implementation, if it will not be used immediately or even before the end of the implementation--TURN IT OFF until it is ready to be used.
  • Implementation to Support (internal) - Link needed (Google Slides)
  • Implementation to Support (external) - Link needed (Google Slides)
  • USE Google Docs



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