Version 8.2

Engineering Notes - Volunteer Management System - Version 8.2 - Released: July 28, 2017

New Features

  • [VMS-4268] - Export to Excel
  • [VMS-3957] - LBE Profile and Automations
  • [VMS-3958] - Administrative Options> Trainings Tab
  • [VMS-3959] - Administrative Options> Trainings Tab> New Training Survey screen
  • [VMS-3960] - Verification Type LDF + Synchronize UDF & LDF types
  • [VMS-3961] - Volunteer Profile> Trainings Tab
  • [VMS-3962] - Volunteer Profile> Trainings Tab> Create New Training wizard functionality
  • [VMS-3963] - Add Training fields as potential Prerequisite requirements
  • [VMS-4065] - Preview of Attachment LDF from LB Grid -and- LB edit screen
  • [VMS-4090] - Volunteer Profile> Log Book Tab
  • [VMS-4147] - Different roles don't show placed vols in schedule slots
  • [VMS-4236] - Add Email Address as a named search criterion for the Client's grid.
  • [VMS-4328] - SCC DEV eC> Location Info: Options for opportunity and its schedule slots are not same
  • [VMS-4593] - Reducing the size of images in eCoordinator emails causes poor image quality


  • [VMS-4572] - add OPP_APPROVAL_STATUS, ORG_APPROVAL_STATUS. SS_APROVAL_STATUS fields in according profiles
  • [VMS-2915] - Eliminate eCoordinator Preferences
  • [VMS-3083] - Set slot field value to x if org/opp field value = x​ (e.g., if opp is approved, then auto-approve slot)
  • [VMS-3106] - Browser/Tab Title: Display Page Name before Product Name. Log number of clicks on page in database and make available in AMS. Collect analytics.
  • [VMS-3117] - Named Search n-n option
  • [VMS-3246] - automation email template preview issue
  • [VMS-3293] - 'Add Note' button included on Vol/Personal tab is not functional
  • [VMS-3317] - Date formatting not available for Opp, Schedule Slot fields and UDFs
  • [VMS-3602] - Editable BC statuses
  • [VMS-3921] - FAF: Add "Family Hours" Column: Via eC> LBE
  • [VMS-3938] - SSN as standard vol profile field
  • [VMS-3965] - Optimization: named searches interface
  • [VMS-3979] - Add confirmation dialog to bulk email page on delete saved email template
  • [VMS-3993] - eR> Logbook: Volunteer is able to submit logs with zero hours, negative hours and empty hours
  • [VMS-4172] - Improve Waiver Creation From Volunteer Profile and Volunteer Grid Context Menu
  • [VMS-4197] - Static Profile Headers & Footers
  • [VMS-4374] - Allow default address option for schedule slot and opportunity
  • [VMS-4378] - Quick Add Control
  • [VMS-4393] - eC> Trainings: Text filtering is not applied to locate and select the desired Training Surveys
  • [VMS-4430] - Trainings Grid Enhancements
  • [VMS-4472] - Change "Sponsored Organization equals" named search filter criteria to exact match by ID.
  • [VMS-4488] - Incorrect "save and schedule" behavior
  • [VMS-4513] - Quick Add Control Improvements
  • [VMS-4521] - New attachment layout for all profiles
  • [VMS-4522] - Add "Save and Schedule" button as default
  • [VMS-4523] - Verifier UDF expiration date as optional


  • [VMS-4158] - Facebook API update to latest version
  • [VMS-4294] - Security testing in release
  • [VMS-4456] - Performance testing in 8.2 release


  • [VMS-3945] - Training and Certification Tracking



  • [VMS-3983] - eR> Propose a Project: End Date can be before Start Date. Both dates can be in the past
  • [VMS-4264] - eR, automation sends incorrect email
  • [VMS-4282] - SCC eRecruiter Zip Code Search Erases Zip Code Digits as they are entered
  • [VMS-4283] - SCC Zip Code Exact Match Search Returns Has More Results Than A Five Mile Distance Search
  • [VMS-4288] - eC, vol named search using attachments throw error
  • [VMS-4299] - eC> LogBook Grid settings: Available Column names are not displayed fully for columns with long names
  • [VMS-4303] - SCC DEV eC> Reports: Website name is overlapped in Opportunity Report
  • [VMS-4305] - SCC DEV: eC>Opp Profile: Admin user Opp Profile Approval tab does not display Parks role check boxes
  • [VMS-4307] - SCC Dev eC> Vol Profile: Waivers tab - Most recent waiver created is not displayed on top
  • [VMS-4309] - eC, new logbook automation, incorrect email templates on the Action tab
  • [VMS-4310] - Save and Schedule button not working
  • [VMS-4325] - SCC Dev eC: Location information on Slot profile does not populate the State available in Opportunity profile
  • [VMS-4326] - AMS, copying user create duplicate email templates
  • [VMS-4327] - SCC Dev eC: Need Renewal Date field for "TB Test"
  • [VMS-4329] - SCC Dev eR> Vol profile: "Allow other volunteers to see which schedule slots this volunteer is placed in?" Filed should have default "No" for all volunteers
  • [VMS-4338] - Error Number: -8116
  • [VMS-4344] - Rename UDF choice doesn't rename values in named search criteria
  • [VMS-4346] - eR, client / org login shown even when unused
  • [VMS-4349] - SCC Dev eC: How to create multi-location opportunity ?
  • [VMS-4352] - eC, vol named search throws error
  • [VMS-4367] - Ampersand shows as "&" in attachment name in calendar grid
  • [VMS-4369] - eC, create/edit logbook, logged data of type 'List With Values' displayed incorrectly
  • [VMS-4500] - Enable ELV in AMS does not allow to set Default User ID
  • [VMS-4514] - Reference Solicitation emails not sending
  • [VMS-4614] - eC, automation is not tiggered
  • [VMS-4620] - [SCH::SS_AVAIL_POSITION] returning incorrect available positions
  • [VMS-4646] - Waivers expiring when a minor becomes and adult
  • [VMS-4782] - Vol/Client contact info named searches don't work
  • [VMS-4881] - eC>Opportunity>New>Restrictions tab>Security: "User is able to RIGHT CLICK on the Restriction page".
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