Version 8.1

Engineering Notes - Volunteer Management System - Version 8.1 - Released: 26 May 2017

New Features

The new Waivers system described by the Waivers SRS is the core of this release affecting the following areas (by functional requirement):
  • FR 1: Waivers tab in Administrative Options
  • FR 2: Creating a Waiver Survey
  • FR 3: Opportunity Profile Waiver Tab
  • FR 4: Recording a Waiver in the eCoordinator Log Books
  • FR 5: Waivers in the Log Book Grid
  • FR 6: Waivers Tab in the Volunteer Profile
  • FR 7: Waiver Prerequisites
  • FR 8: Waivers and the Calendar Grid
  • FR 9: Waivers and the Volunteers Grid
  • FR 10: Waivers and the Opportunities Grid
  • FR 11: Enabling the Waiver System via the AMS Options Tab
  • FR 12: Waivers and the Background Check System
  • FR 13: Waivers and the Volunteer Report


  • [VMS-3354] - eC> Calendar: Switching from Grid View to month view is showing past month Actions
  • [VMS-4591] - View Shift (Slot) referrals on calendar per volunteer
  • [VMS-3955] - OnDemand automation should be logged as user who executed not a user who created
  • [VMS-4170] - Encrypt particular volunteer and clients fields
  • [VMS-3972] - Double Click on a right column header border to expand the column width
  • [VMS-3950] - Send solicitation email when volunteer change reference's email address in eRecruiter
  • [VMS-3468] - Insert Survey link from mail merge as anchor in HTML email editor mode.
  • [VMS-4043] - Calendar: "Refer" and "Place" buttons should show required prerequisite in tool-tip of disabled "Place"/"Refer" functionality for logged in user
  • [VMS-4171] - Consistent Column Drag Interface
  • [VMS-4178] - Solution for people who people who select an opportunity by mistake
  • [VMS-4166] - Remove the "For each placement volunteers can complete this waiver" advanced option.
  • [VMS-4159] - Min / Max Vol / Client fields in schedule slot profile should be wide enough to easily view 3 digits
  • [VMS-4106] - Correct Title of New Log Book Entry Page
  • [VMS-4066] - Drag and drop columns in Main Grid
  • [VMS-3496] - Opportunity Title Not Changing Nor Consistent
  • [VMS-3457] - Renamed report title doesn't appear in AMS/Page Config/Reports/Select Page dropdown list
  • [VMS-3335] - Add warning to AMS/Page config
  • [VMS-3204] - Remove Volunteers can/cannot see this field options from UDFs
  • [VMS-4127] - Change waiver status contrast values of the green and red fonts used for the OK and Not OK status
  • [VMS-4129] - Change column border highlight color that appears when dragging grid columns
  • [VMS-3946] - Add warning to edit survey page.
  • [VMS-4153] - eC> Change User Info: Error message is displayed while changing user information
  • [VMS-4113] - eC> Administrative Options: Different tabs having different window size
  • [VMS-3882] - eC> Name Search System: Popup is displayed to select a search even when no named search exists
  • [VMS-4488] - Incorrect "save and schedule" behavior
  • [VMS-4245] - Add Organization name choice to the eC Calendar show menu
  • [VMS-4472] - Change "Sponsored Organization equals" named search filter criteria to exact match by ID. Actions
  • [VMS-4251] - eC> Volunteers Report: Information in volunteer data grid report is missing


  • [VMS-4264] - eR, automation sends incorrect email Actions
  • [VMS-4244] - eC, automation send wrong report
  • [VMS-3932] - eC>Vol/Opp/Org: Delete pop up is not displayed after clicking on 'Delete' button in grid setting
  • [VMS-3773] - eC Calendar grid, column placed volunteers shows invalid data
  • [VMS-4216] - eR> Opportunity details: Contact information is missing on opportunity details page
  • [VMS-4183] - eC, automation is not sending Vol Labels report
  • [VMS-4092] - eC, Vol profile, User Defined tab opens instead of submit
  • [VMS-4091] - eC, Calendar, copy opportunity throw error
  • [VMS-3988] - eC Calendar, edit slot, error thrown on save
  • [VMS-3966] - eC, opportunity email, empty report
  • [VMS-3956] - eC, main grid, context menu item can't be disabled
  • [VMS-3954] - eC, vol named search for signin date throw error
  • [VMS-3949] - eC> Named Search: Long Named Search name is displayed as cropped in the dropdown list
  • [VMS-3939] - eC, Calendar named seach that uses "SS Email Template Last Sent Date" clause throws error
  • [VMS-3934] - eC> Vol Profile: "Email Address" field is missing in Volunteer profile
  • [VMS-3936] - eC> Opp Grid Setting: When user adds Named Search to Grid Settings and selects share with all users the Save buttons do not work
  • [VMS-3935] - eC> Vol\Opp\Org Profile: Record gets saved when user clicks on "Export History" button from History tab
  • [VMS-3931] - eC> Vol Profile: UI issue observed on "General Onboarding" tab
  • [VMS-3933] - eC> Vol Profile: UI issues on volunteer's "Personal tab" (browser specific)
  • [VMS-3860] - eC> Email Template : In copied eC user, mandatory information of Email templates is missing which exists in original eC user Email templates
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