NG Recruiter 2.1 Release Notes

Angular Recruiter 2.1 Release Notes

These notes refer to current versions in cstools cstoolsqa and cstoolsdev code bases.  For more information on cstools click here.


  • d - requires documentation
  • q - requires QA testing
  • i - coding incomplete
  • a - added after release



Engineering Notes - Recruiter - Version 2.1.00 - Released: November 23, 2017

  • [NG-250] Add filters on logbook page (closed)
  • [NG-332] Additional waiver status tracking (closed)
  • [NG-336] Performance enhancements to forms and map (closed)
  • [NG-337] Custom calendar Schedule Shift template (closed)
  • [NG-338] Onboarding Improvements (open) q
  • [NG-335] Performance enhancements for schedule slot loading - (open) q
  • [NG-333] Updated addthis module (open) q
  • (Various) Configuration settings additions & structure adjustments (N/A)
  • [NG-334] Single slot URLs (sharing and copy/paste) (closed)
  • [NG-305] Add attachments to schedule slot display (closed)
  • [NG-234] Add View in Calendar Link (closed)
  • [NG-271] Style improvements for "Unsuccessful Place/Refer" message (closed)
  • [NG-346] Add group size controls to group sign up modal (open) dq
  • [NG-347] Add edit group size controls to schedule shift panel (open)
  • [NG-348] Add build number to Recruiter (open) dq
  • [NG-358] Add section for custom html in header template (open) dq
  • [NG-361] Add Dynamic Region Option for "Opportunity Selected" (open) dq
  • [NG-362] Improve Messaging for Search Results Page (open) dq
  • [NG-363] Add Ability to Customize Placement/Referral Modal Message (closed) dq
  • [NG-364] Add ability to configure search filters header (closed) dq
  • [NG-371] Add ability to prevent individual sign up (open) dq
  • [NG-372] Disable Calendar Navigation Into Past on Search Results Calendar View (closed) d
  • [NG-374] Improve messaging for volunteer schedule page (open) dq

Engineering Notes - Recruiter - Version 2.1.01 - Release Date: December 12, 2017

  • [NG-382] If there are no slots within the initial date range, no schedule slot data is displayed (open) dq
  • [NG-384] Add ability to customize signup response message (open) dq
  • [NG-402] Add custom function on signup action (open) idq
  • [NG-420] Add Setting for Keyword Field Placeholder to setConfig (open) d
  • [NG-397] Start Time and End Time for Logbook entries is not being displayed in Logbook (open) dq
  • [NG-464] Force cache refresh for local partials that have been modified. (open) a

Engineering Notes - Recruiter - Version 2.1.02 - Release Date: March 31, 2017 (estimate)

  • [NG-386] Add "View Schedule" link to oppReferPlace directive (open)
  • [NG-403] Add Parameter "returnAvailPositionsSlotIdsArray" to er_placeRevVol() which returns availability for slot IDs provided (open)
  • [NG-406] Add Opp Detail panel with numbered pins in map view (open)
  • [NG-407] Add OPP_INTEREST as configurable search criteria (open)
  • [NG-408] Add Configurable calls for er_getLoggedUsers and setLoggedUser (open)
  • [NG-415] Add Setting sortRecordType to searchOptionsPanel directive (open)
  • [NG-414] Add New Setting disableNavCollapse to HeaderNav module (open)
  • [NG-360] Replace CacheManager and Supporting files with AngularDependencies (open)
  • [NG-426] Specific date option to displayBufferUdf (reversed)
  • [NG-463] Add Organization Title to Report Service Opportunity Dropdown and other places in template HTML (open) q

Engineering Notes - Recruiter - Version 2.1.03 - Release Date: TBD

  • [NG-427] Add tooltip option to text fields and select dropdowns in form editor (open)*
  • [NG-423] "Print" button for report hours. (open)*
  • [NG-390] Schedule Slot Sign up Button "View" and "more" options do not hide when "Sign up" is pressed (open)
  • [NG-430] Add new fields to placement record and new functionality for group placement (open)
  • [NG-443] Hide only Opportunity Sign up button (open)
  • [NG-385] Add customizable button on opp sign up modal (open) *-
  • [NG-452] Add Configuration to Sign Up Button for "Login" and "New Volunteer" Labels (open)
  • [NG-454] Display Warning When Slot URL References a Slot That is Expired or Unavailable
  • [NG-458] Add a full indicator on default calendar event display
  • [NG-466] Add custom_php_includes.php or similar for all custom php files in angular recruiters
  • [NG-468] Add ability to change header of "Location" and all other static search_options_panel layouts
  • [NG-470] Add support for .ics "Calendar Event" File, in Single Slot Pane
  • [NG-471] Add Custom Action Button on Single Slot Pane
  • [NG-477] Various Org Recruiter Improvements
  • [NG-478] Add displayLabel directive usable throughout the system
  • [NG-479] Add from_org as option for waiver config
  • [NG-478] Add displayLabel directive usable throughout the system
  • [NG-485] Various Form Editor Improvements
  • [NG-495] Allow Regular Expression for Password Pattern
  • [NG-497] Create preLoginFunction setting option
  • [NG-499] Add coordinator users to userStore



Bug Fixes - Version 2.1.00 - Released: November 23, 2017

  • [NG-339] Onboarding steps aren't properly enabled based on settings (closed)
  • [NG-383] Two Vertical Scrollbars When Reporting Service (open)

Bug Fixes - Version 2.1.01 - Released: December 12, 2017 (fixes through Mar, 22th 2018)

  • [NG-387] VOL_WANTS_UPDATES Field is Not Saving (closed)
  • [NG-388] Hide filled schedule slots should not hide slots you are placed with. (open)
  • [NG-389] Footer overlaps content (open)
  • [NG-390] Schedule Slot Sign up Button "View" and "more" options do not hide when "Sign up" is pressed (open)
  • [NG-395] Quick Add Hours Fields Are Not Displaying Properly After Reporting Service (open)
  • [NG-399] "Show schedule shifts up to XX days" is not recognized in angular recruiters when searching for schedule slots (open)
  • [NG-400] Vol Photo Crop Is not Displaying on Some Recruiters (open)
  • [NG-401] Group Selection is not populated after selecting in registration form (open)
  • [NG-416] Search filters with the value of a "comma" in the name will not query with another value. (closed)
  • [NG-405] Loading Indicator is not disappearing, invalid JSON response from server (open)
  • [NG-421] Completed Onboarding Step Check Mark Not Displaying (open)
  • [NG-419] Mobile Sign-in Station Displaying After Resetting Station (open)
  • [ZD-14309] email address/User ID was being identified as having the incorrect format (open) a
  • [ZD-14345] Double URL Encoding of Search Query (open) a
  • [ZD-14382] Slot Date Search Filters are Displaying Results 1 Day After Filter Range (open) a
  • [ZD-14413] Adjacent Radio Button Lists Won't Save (open) a
  • [NG-459] Sign-In-Station Reported Hours is not correct when browser is in a different time zone than the eC account (open) a
  • [NG-460] Sign-in Station: Volunteers with multiple LBE without "Sign Out Time" are not able to sign out (open) a
  • [NG-462] Quicklinks do not work with UDFs that are not configured as a search filter (open) a
  • [NG-457] Hours fields in Logbook survey display detailed data on service history in logbook (open) q
  • [NG-456] er_getLbeList not pulling records when LBE_START_TIME and LBE_END_TIME fields are part of request

Bug Fixes - Version 2.1.02 - Release Date: March 31st, 2018


Bug Fixes - Version 2.1.03 - Release Date: (TBD)

  • [NG-474] Multiple Max Date Message displays on calendar search results view
  • [NG-475] Start Time and End Time fields do not populate correctly, or reset
  • [NG-476] Attachments do not display when navigating to the opportunity details the second time
  • [NG-462] Quicklinks do not work with UDFs that are not configured as a search filter (open) a
  • [NG-480] Record Label does not propagate into modal headers
  • [NG-484] Check Slot Sign In Station Selection before displaying to roster or other sign in methods
  • [NG-494] SCC Report My Service Back button displaying wrong label
  • [NG-500] Searchable dropdown times out when there is a large number of results to filter
  • [NG-505] Reset Password Page does display password fields when "Strong Password" requirements are not set.
  • [NG-506] Group Signup Modal does not show correct steps when group invite function is not enabled
  • [NG-507] Group Modal: Group Size is displaying for Opp Signup
  • [NG-508] Vol Registration Group Sign Up Displays Incorrect Error



Items that are marked with a "d" still need documentation, all other items are already documented. For more information on how to use new features, see the User Guide:













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