NG Recruiter 2.1 Release Notes

Engineering Notes - Recruiter - Version 2.1 - Released: October 26, 2017

  • [NG-250] Add filters on logbook page (closed)
  • [NG-332] Additional waiver status tracking (closed)
  • [NG-336] Performance enhancements to forms and map (closed)
  • [NG-337] Custom calendar Schedule Shift template (closed)
  • [NG-338] Onboarding Improvements + (open)
  • [NG-335] Performance enhancements for schedule slot loading - (open)
  • [NG-333] Updated addthis module (open)
  • (Various) Configuration settings additions & structure adjustments (N/A)
  • [NG-334] Single slot URLs (sharing and copy/paste) (closed)
  • [NG-305] Add attachments to schedule slot display (closed)
  • [NG-234] Add View in Calendar Link (closed)
  • [NG-271] Style improvements for "Unsuccessful Place/Refer" message (closed)
  • [NG-346] Add group size controls to group sign up modal - (open)
  • [NG-347] Add edit group size controls to schedule shift panel *- (open)
  • [NG-348] Add build number to Recruiter (open)
  • [NG-358] Add section for custom html in header template (open)
  • [NG-361] Add Dynamic Region Option for "Opportunity Selected" (open)
  • [NG-362] Improve Messaging for Search Results Page (open)
  • [NG-363] Add Ability to Customize Placement/Referral Modal Message (open)
  • [NG-364] Add ability to configure search filters header (open)
  • [NG-371] Add ability to prevent individual sign up (open)
  • [NG-372] Disable Calendar Navigation Into Past on Search Results Calendar View (open)
  • [NG-374] Improve messaging for volunteer schedule page (open)


Bug Fixes

  • [NG-339] Onboarding steps aren't properly enabled based on settings (open)

Most notable bug fixes have been applied to Production CSTOOLS and are therefore not listed as part of this release.


For more information on how to use new features, see the User Guide:


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