Rercruiter 2 Upgrade Procedures Version 2.1 (21XX)

Version 2101, 2102


  1. Remove most php code from index.php or top.php
    • Remove ssl redirect
    • Remove cacheversions.php
    • Remove formList
    • Remove twitter response
    • Remove Attachments code (end of top.php or index.php)
  2. Include the following snippet on line 2 of index.php or top.php
    require_once 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\cstoolsqa\ngRecPhp.php';
  3. Include the following snippet inside the !isset(minimal) section (approx line 20) of index.php or top.php
    <script><?php echo $GLOBALS['CUSTOM_ENV']->initJsInHead();?></script>
    <? echo file_get_contents(""); ?>
    <? getLocalFileCacheUrls(); ?>
  4. Remove initJsInHead() from old location in code in top.php or index.php.
  5. Add sam footer directive after all other footers in top.php or index.php.
  6. Remove respond.js at end of bottom.php or index.php
    Remove the factory for "cacheVersionsInterceptor" in angular-config.js (this now exists in utils.1.1.js


Version 2103


  1. Change setConfig slotViewModal to slotList
  2. Change setConfig configurations from oppSignupSettings to signupSettings
  3. Add hideSignup object under signupSettings
  4. Change setConfig configurations from hideOppSignup to hideOppSignupButton and put under signupSettings.hideSignup
  5. Change setConfig configurations from hideSignupButton to hideOppSignupButton
  6. Move hideOppSignupButton to signupSettings.hideSignup from oppSettings
  7. Add hideSlotSignupButton to match hideOppSignupButton config under signupSettings.hideSignup
  8. Link "REPORT_ERRORS" flag to global Constant
  9. Review Bowery Group Sign Up
  10. Make sure DIRECTIVES_URL is defined in constants
  11. Transfer all customServices to CONSTANT model as defined in SH/1370 recruiter
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