Version 6.9.9

Engineering Notes - Volunteer Management System - Version 6.9.9 - Released: February 6, 2014 


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PT Name Client Request
12088 Core fix: move eC vol profile to profile Template  
10286 Attachment for Log Book Entries  
10451 Opportunity sign up Thank You messages  
11902 Phone number & E-mail validation  
12076 Placement and Referral Date fields Added to Grid Settings Fairfax County
12278 User-based Record Filtering  
12437 Transfer Records tool Fairfax County
12078 Added Calculated fields, Summary and Average, to Log Books  
12277 Add options to AMS to require users to reset their passwords after initial setup or password reset FISMA
12277 Added Password Expiration feature FISMA
 12059 Exchange 3.4  
 ------ Remove all inline styles (and old tags font, marquee) FISMA
11116 Search filter usability update  
3804 Archive Folder  
11762 Calendar display date  
12241 UDF Visibility  
12103 Highlighted required fields in Volunteer Application

Fairfax County

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