Version 6.9.8

Engineering Notes - Volunteer Management System - Version 6.9.8 - Released: July 18, 2013


PT Name Client Request
 -------  Core update: Default UDF values  
 11381  eC: Duplicate Record Check Fairfax County
 11381  eRec: Duplicate Record Check (add restriction to volunteer registration) Fairfax County
 -------  Core update: Context UDFs  
 eC: Opp Profile Prerequisite Tab Hiding Unnecessary Statuses Fairfax County

 New languages input type in eC and eR for multi-value attributes

 10929  eRec: Agency Specific Fields Loading Behavior Fairfax County 
 11472  AMS: Move AMS/Sign-In tab to AMS/Page Config/Sign In group  
 11790   Add Email Address has wrong syntax search criteria Fairfax County 
 -------  Setup DB trigger to copy value of Unique ID to UDF


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