How to setup localhost environment instance with sDs Data

Setup steps:

1) download file

2) create new c:\develop folder on your computer and unzip downloaded file to the folder

3) run c:\develop\startWebServer.cmd file 


4) in browser open http://localhost/example/ url, it successful case it should show something like:

5) if you don't see "true" next to success text, possible your IP is not allowed, if you see 403 error on network tab:
Please add your IP to the end of cstools\proxy\allowedIps.txt file via FTPS.
You can determine your ip via open url:\ip.php
By default only samaritan office IP is allowed.
- by default localhost root folder is c:\develop\wwwroot you can change it via  run c:\develop\startWebServer.cmd with parameter. e.g. 
startWebServer.cmd c:\develop\qatest
- c:\develop\wwwroot\example page logins as volunteer to qa2 instance 
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