How do I get started using Zendesk?

Using Zendesk to help keep track of your tickets means you don't have to rely on emails to know the status of your ticket. You will still receive updates via email, but you can also update your tickets and add comments from your log in.

To get started: send an email with your full contact information to

If you have already emailed, then 

Go to:

Click the "Sign in" button

Follow the link "Get a password" using the email address that you used to send the email to support.

 Once you are logged in, click on your name to chose your action



If you go to "My Activities," you can see the status of your tickets:


To update or reply to a ticket, click on the subject line of your ticket.

Here you will see the correspondence on your ticket.



Then click on "Submit" and your reply will be sent to the Support Desk.

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