Version 7.4

Engineering Notes - Volunteer Management System - Version 7.4 - Released: August 14, 2015

New Features

  • [VMS-1617] - Allow eC users to see Email History (same as AMS); stop sending
  • [VMS-2312] - Custom Environment: ec_createVol(fields);
  • [VMS-2679] - Custom Environment er_updateOrg()
  • [VMS-2680] - Custom Environment er_getVolUdfList();


  • [VMS-419] - Add ability to change value of Button controls through 'value' attribute
  • [VMS-874] - User is displayed improper message saying "Are you sure?" while deleting records (opportunity, volunteer and client) from calendar page and opportunity record from Professions tab
  • [VMS-1219] - Allow Edit Profile window to open by double clicking record row
  • [VMS-1222] - Take a Photo Button make not required
  • [VMS-1246] - Move all eC profiles to profileTemplate engine
  • [VMS-1417] - Allow for special chars in password string
  • [VMS-1494] - 'Equals During' filter options should accept null values while creating the search
  • [VMS-1772] - On eR dashboard (Volunteer Main Menu), allow to display: Approved Hours #, Disapproved Hours #, Not Yet Approved Hours #
  • [VMS-1775] - Display to eC user exact reason why vol cannot be placed
  • [VMS-1913] - Grid Columns for Saved Email Templates
  • [VMS-2025] - User is not allowed to edit a Client Copy since the numeric data is not assigned to auto-generated Client User id field
  • [VMS-2093] - Fields on Automation/Action tab take blank value
  • [VMS-2111] - Optimization: remove copy UDF values by name magic (remove VIEW_CA_DUPLICATE) (2100: 2.9)
  • [VMS-2136] - System Name Display: First Last (reverse PT 12832)
  • [VMS-2137] - Automation: Add triggers/actions to Org/Opp/Cli Automations, 1 of 2
  • [VMS-2173] - Automation Action: on place/refer, send email to opp/org contact
  • [VMS-2174] - Optimization: change slot Profile using to Calendar Grid in eR::ScheduleSlots::_getSlotsData()
  • [VMS-2180] - Fix Volunteer report loading behavior
  • [VMS-2184] - Add Label tag for default LBE controls, and update Default Logbook layout to include new labels
  • [VMS-2261] - Copy Named Searches
  • [VMS-2307] - SH: Find email option checkbox data field in grid settings


  • [VMS-1105] - LBE is not getiing selected after it is created
  • [VMS-1338] - Should "On profile save" automation be triggered when "On demand" automation is executed?
  • [VMS-1408] - Country/State
  • [VMS-2044] - On RMS->Page Config: User should not be displayed the User id and password fields if "Enable Organization User ID and Password" is disabled from AMS
  • [VMS-2052] - Duplicate volunteer registration shows 'Undefined' message
  • [VMS-2053] - User is able to see the blacklist activity status on named searches even blacklist feature is disabled from AMS
  • [VMS-2082] - On Recruiter: Depend region is not working for drop down logged data
  • [VMS-2112] - Dynamic region for equal, not equal is not working for drop down list
  • [VMS-2138] - Org selector window in OCPSQA 7.3 does not show beyond the 2nd page
  • [VMS-2177] - "Includes" option on User Filters does not give desired results
  • [VMS-2191] - IE 8 : Unable to create records on eCoordinator
  • [VMS-2204] - User notification is missing while Volunteer is placed with unmatched Opportunity prerequisites
  • [VMS-2213] - Strong password conditions of VMS not functioning
  • [VMS-2214] - Same fields displayed twice on Trigger and Actions tab of Automation
  • [VMS-2220] - On save automation-update with name searches is not working
  • [VMS-2221] - On save_on create with field value change to empty is not working
  • [VMS-2223] - Change default page config for signin review
  • [VMS-2259] - No records are filtered when "was changed to" condition is used with [blank] even if they satisfy the condition
  • [VMS-2264] - User is getting placed with an expired opportunity too
  • [VMS-2287] - Same as organization checkbox should be unchecked after change contact/location info
  • [VMS-2291] - AMS Users Grid shows 1 Jan 1970 Expiration Date for All Users
  • [VMS-2292] - Long load time for AMS Info Tab
  • [VMS-2300] - Apostrophes in volunteer names not displayed correctly in volunteer profile title.
  • [VMS-2301] - New Org profile must be backward compatible
  • [VMS-2302] - Radios buttons label values should be left justified
  • [VMS-2340] - 7.4 release: NYCEM
  • [VMS-2359] - Unable to click on links available under "Upcoming Trainings"
  • [VMS-2408] - Update Approver's contact info updates org contact info too.
  • [VMS-2421] - Opp Profile State field does not display saved value
  • [VMS-2600] - eC opp character limit
  • [VMS-2629] - On Opportunity->Additional Info: All the "ride/client" fields are turned on by default
  • [VMS-2640] - On Profile Save automation is not working, if volunteer is registered from eR
  • [VMS-2690] - 7.4: eC: New Opp Creation: Script Alert on "Finish"
  • [VMS-2820] - Clicking red "X" does not properly log user out of eC
  • [VMS-2838] - Error occurs while searching opprtunity by "Minimum age" and "Hours per week"
  • [VMS-2839] - On eR: User is not able to remove himself from slot if already placed with slot
  • [VMS-2842] - eC: Controls are not displayed on Volunteer>Background Check tab
  • [VMS-2843] - eR 1295: Login using Twitter or Facebook links are not working
  • [VMS-2844] - Overlapping of opportunity details text under "Subscribe to our Volunteer RSS Feed" section
  • [VMS-2846] - Error occurs while searching opportunity using advanced search filters
  • [VMS-2847] - Unable to search opportunity by using "Search for an Opportunity by Organization" and "Search Opportunities by Title Containing a Keyword" filters
  • [VMS-2852] - Error occurs on edit org profile as well as while editing opportunity from org profile
  • [VMS-2853] - eR 1454: Volunteer profile created from eR not reflecting in ecoordinator
  • [VMS-2859] - eR 1305 : Save button is not functioning on Opp Profile
  • [VMS-2861] - Warning message displayed on eR 1305
  • [VMS-2862] - On eR 1405: User is not displayed the symbol indicating file is uploaded after uploading the profile image for opportunity
  • [VMS-2865] - eRecruiter 1504, 1505 :Opportunity search button is not working on upgraded instance.
  • [VMS-2866] - eRecruiter 1506, 1507 :UI issue on Opportunity search page on upgraded instance.
  • [VMS-2870] - eR 1352 : UI issues on organization and opportunity profile
  • [VMS-2871] - eR 1343 : Unable to register Partner from eR
  • [VMS-2872] - eR 1343: Opportunity gets deleted,while unpublishing from organization profile
  • [VMS-2881] - eCoordinator : Error message is displayed while creating new opportunity.
  • [VMS-2882] - Search button on "I Would Like to Volunteer in These Areas" filter is not working
  • [VMS-2885] - eRecruiter 1506 : User is navigated directly to tab 6 from tab 1 on "Volunteer Registration" page.
  • [VMS-2898] - eRecruiter 1506 : "Image Preview " not Displayed for the image uploaded from "Attach From" control in "Attachments" tab


  • [VMS-2096] - Typos on Opportunity Report
  • [VMS-2101] - Performance Reporting Tools (2100: 1.1-1.6)
  • [VMS-2212] - Vol Contact type on Volunteer Report


  • [VMS-624] - Update county list in eC and eR
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