Version 7.3

Engineering Notes - Volunteer Management System - Version 7.3 - Released: April 16, 2015

New Features

  • [VMS-1603] - Add Hide from search results eCoordinator Control


  • [VMS-633] - Drop Down UDF Improvements: Auto Complete
  • [VMS-883] - Make the "Attach From" button its own control
  • [VMS-1054] - Email: Sender's Name/email
  • [VMS-1063] - Increase phone extension length to 9 chars
  • [VMS-1065] - Increase number of characters for a vol/org/client/ec client/org/approver username from 30 to 45
  • [VMS-1101] - eC: Volunteer profile allow UDFs to be moved to different tabs
  • [VMS-1141] - Section 508 Compatibility: (d)
  • [VMS-1220] - SI: NASM: Reservations System: E-mail Mail Merge for UDF option selected
  • [VMS-1221] - Create separate RMS "Place" and "Refer" buttons
  • [VMS-1283] - Improve: Trigger: On Save
  • [VMS-1284] - Add: Action: Unplace/Unrefer from All
  • [VMS-1294] - Named Search: Expiration Date Filter
  • [VMS-1295] - Automation> Trigger> On Profile Save> on following field change: add ability to include multiple fields
  • [VMS-1314] - Read-only view for SS LBE
  • [VMS-1315] - Add: Trigger: On Profile Save> field changed from
  • [VMS-1342] - Add "Disable Sign In Confirmation Page" check box to AMS> Info
  • [VMS-1407] - Snapshot Upgrade: Store both "Original" and "New" field values; create appropriate grid columns
  • [VMS-1409] - Disallow expired date with "is OK" ver UDF value
  • [VMS-1428] - Add "Label" field to LD fields
  • [VMS-1670] - FVDRs for RMS "Place" and "Refer" buttons
  • [VMS-1722] - Core: prevent add multi-value lists as checkboxes
  • [VMS-1731] - Clicking on red (x) close button creates a new survey
  • [VMS-1879] - If default value is not provided while creating UDFs(when it is required) then user should be displayed the message
  • [VMS-1907] - Increase character limit for opportunity description field to match long text udf character limit
  • [VMS-1911] - On Automation trigger tab: Selecting empty check box makes text box empty, is this the correct behavior?
  • [VMS-1914] - Allow Orgid quicklink arguments to accept multiple ids
  • [VMS-1927] - Expand click area for eCoordinator Profession Menu and Similar Menus
  • [VMS-1929] - Upgrade Jquery to 1.11
  • [VMS-1959] - Update Snapshot Icon

Bug Fixes

  • [VMS-211] - Unable to create new survey, Error occurred on New Survey page
  • [VMS-797] - 'Primary Phone' & 'Day Phone' field on volunteer personal tab is not accepting value in proper format
  • [VMS-1130] - Number UDF field: Difference between the values of width and Decimal Places should only be acceptable as a default value while creating number type UDF Field.
  • [VMS-1178] - User should not be able to enter free text into phone type logged data.
  • [VMS-1264] - The message comes "Please update expiration date" when 'Verification' UDF component is updated with different value
  • [VMS-1309] - "Automation with such name already exists" message is shown when a user creates automation record with name same as deleted record
  • [VMS-1318] - Missing History button on Automation grid
  • [VMS-1320] - The "County" field does not populate
  • [VMS-1393] - 7.1.0->7.2.0 Data Migration And Exchange Test: Exchange34/GetSurveyData() bad performance
  • [VMS-1438] - Volunteer is displaying 'Password Reset' window even if password is already reset and then Back & Forward button is clicked
  • [VMS-1465] - Clicking 'OK' or 'Cancel' button on Logbook/Survey selection page creates LBE
  • [VMS-1496] - 7.1.0->7.2.0 Data Migration And Exchange Test: Incorrect value of TLBEntry.lbeRegisterDate downloaded
  • [VMS-1502] - Default 'Is OK' verification fields do not populate automatically
  • [VMS-1525] - No referral/placement options are displayed when volunteer record is copied from 'Professions' tab
  • [VMS-1570] - 7.1.0->7.2.0 Data Migration And Exchange Test: Exchange 3.4 GetIdentifierValues() don't work
  • [VMS-1574] - HTML from tinymce appears in shedule slot location description and eRec.
  • [VMS-1726] - 7.1.0->7.2.0 Data Migration And Exchange Test: Exchange34/PutUDF() bad performance
  • [VMS-1728] - No validation for "Verifier Phone" and "Verifier Email"
  • [VMS-1729] - Solicitation email sends even volunteer registration cancelled by duplicate check.
  • [VMS-1739] - 7.1.0->7.2.0 Data Migration And Exchange Test: PutVolunteer method creates useless history record
  • [VMS-1745] - 7.1.0->7.2.0 Data Migration And Exchange Test: PutOpportunity() method unstable
  • [VMS-1781] - Non eligible copied volunteer should not be able to place to the opp if "Opportunity and Slot Placements" option is selected while copying volunteer
  • [VMS-1792] - missing icon in coordinator
  • [VMS-1794] - Required Fields in Hidden Dynamic Region Remain Required
  • [VMS-1839] - User defined tab's control are not displayed on Volunteers Profile
  • [VMS-1841] - Date selector is displayed twice under Trigger of Automation
  • [VMS-1845] - Snapshot column names are appearing in Logbook and Lbe: Logged Data under Grid settings of Logbook and columns can be added twice in selected columns list
  • [VMS-1846] - When clicked on Apply of Profession tab, Validating your Profile message is displayed and volunteer profession is not saved
  • [VMS-1847] - User is displayed the message "The page was not displayed because the request entity is too large." after clicking on OK button to create new LBE
  • [VMS-1849] - Is on create/register, on update checkboxes selection for existing on save automation record is valid?
  • [VMS-1850] - Trigger: On Save> field changed from is not working for any field if "on update" option is selected
  • [VMS-1855] - Text field for Password and Password verify of on following field changed under Trigger should not be present
  • [VMS-1862] - Existing template is not loaded next time when clicked on Email button
  • [VMS-1863] - While sending email without Sender Name and Sender Organization alert message with Sender_Name, Sender_Organization and characters should not less then 0-6 characters is displayed
  • [VMS-1864] - Error page is displayed when trying to delete Email template
  • [VMS-1869] - Automation for Organization as On Demand is not working as expected
  • [VMS-1870] - Error occurs while creating an On Save automation for Schedule Slot
  • [VMS-1872] - Error occurs while creating an email template for Schedule Slot from the Automation tab
  • [VMS-1873] - On Demand Automation places a non-eligible client to an opportunity.
  • [VMS-1874] - Error occurs while editing an existing Volunteer LB grid while creating an automation record
  • [VMS-1878] - Continuous error message displayed while exchanging 'Log Book Entries' from AMS->Record Exchange tab.
  • [VMS-1884] - Records created in Archive folder don't get exchanged even if same Archive folder is available on destination account.
  • [VMS-1898] - Automation with Trigger and Action fields as County doesn't pass
  • [VMS-1902] - Error occurs while creating volunteer
  • [VMS-1903] - Wrong next date is displayed for scheduled automation
  • [VMS-1904] - Missing "making referrals and placement" actions for copied record
  • [VMS-1906] - Conviction status is not available under Grid Settings
  • [VMS-1909] - Getting error while exchanging 'Automation' from AMS->Record Exchange tab.
  • [VMS-1910] - Exchanged Logged Data fields are not visible on destination account.
  • [VMS-1912] - On Automation trigger tab: Trigger is not working for so many fields if option update and check box or empty is selected
  • [VMS-1916] - Incorrect message displayed while exchanging Log Book Entries from AMS/Record Exchange tab.
  • [VMS-1920] - On Recruiter: Sign up functionality should work according to the option selected on RMS
  • [VMS-1921] - User should be displayed the Take Photo control on Attachment tab if the feature is enabled from RMS->Page Config tab
  • [VMS-1922] - Should the implementation of VMS-1222 effect the option selected for check box "Enable Profile Image (if equipped with webcam)" in existing recruiter account?
  • [VMS-1923] - Getting error while duplicating 'eCoordinator email templates' from RMS/Duplicate tab.
  • [VMS-1924] - User gets error while duplicating 'All placements' from AMS/Duplicate tab.
  • [VMS-1932] - Survey is not selected after its creation
  • [VMS-1933] - User is unable to create rating UDF with the default value
  • [VMS-1934] - Automation action is not completely displayed in the grid
  • [VMS-1944] - Getting error while registering Organization on eRecruiter
  • [VMS-1945] - Verification UDF not working for References and Schedule Slots
  • [VMS-1946] - LBE grid setting is not saved properly
  • [VMS-1947] - Summary for Rating LD displays summary of all rating LDs
  • [VMS-1949] - Unable to download attachments attached to LBE using eR
  • [VMS-1951] - Even if duplicate check message is displayed and volunteer is not created, volunteer is able to login
  • [VMS-1953] - "Donation Approval to Activity Status Approved" automation doesn't work
  • [VMS-1958] - After editing prerequisite from Opportunity Profile user is not taken back to the Opportunity Profile
  • [VMS-1960] - On eRecruiter 'Submit' text appears to be overlapped
  • [VMS-1991] - User should get unplaced only after clicking "Remove Me" button on calendar schedule slot if placed on slot
  • [VMS-1993] - Error is generated on eRecruiter Volunteer Profile if administrative account is changed on RMS
  • [VMS-1994] - User should be able to save the entry using fast fill option
  • [VMS-1997] - Error while registering Volunteer on eRecruiter.
  • [VMS-1998] - Copied user is able to see Email Templates created by the original user.
  • [VMS-1999] - An error is generated on eR/Opportunity Profile page
  • [VMS-2000] - User is not able to select all sub categories by selecting select all check box
  • [VMS-2001] - Issues on Volunteer Profile/Skills and Volunteer Profile/Orientation&Training tab
  • [VMS-2010] - On Recruiter: User is displayed error while saving the log bbok entry on IE8
  • [VMS-2031] - On eC/Calendar page, user gets a pop up for COPY while deleting Opp/volunteer/client.
  • [VMS-2032] - Client is unable to make an entry to eCoordinator Log Book System


  • [VMS-1247] - 7.2 release: eC instance (RS9/RS10 LIVE)
  • [VMS-1936] - 7.3 release: OCPSQA/FXCOQA/HC/ARDMS


  • [VMS-1939] - LB grid doesn't calculate numeric fields.
  • [VMS-2026] - Searches available in backup instance is not displayed on RS9 Live
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