This is the "Help" drop down box. This menu is accessible from all three tabs and will allow you to get help with your eCoordinator account.


"Help" will allow you to access the browser-based eCoordinator help manual.


"Samaritan Website" is a link to our company website where you can learn more about our other products and services.


"Contact Us" is an email link to our Client Services department.


"Issues and Requests" is an online form where you can make suggestions about things you would like our software to do for you. You may also report bugs, glitches or errors you may run into while using eCoordinator.


"About eCoordinator" is where you can find the version and build of the software that you are using.


Custom Entries: Starting in version 6.7, eCoordinator has the ability to add special links that can direct users to customer training sites, external software or supporting materials that you create. Please contact Client Services to set this up.


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