Using the Volunteers, Opportunities, Organizations, & Clients Tabs

Using the Volunteers. Opportunities, Organizations, & Clients Tabs

There are four possible tabs that are used in eCoordinator accounts. By selecting different tabs you can view different work areas; the tab for the active work area will be in color, while any inactive tabs are grayed-out. The work areas divide and organize your information and tools.


You will see a data grid in each work area. The data grid contains the information seen when any of the main tabs are selected.

Some accounts have all four tabs and some only have one. The number and combination of tabs in your account was set up with your organization's needs in mind. If you have concerns, or would like to have other options available, please contact our Client Services.


A work area is the screen with all of the function buttons and the data grid, etc. Work areas can be accessed from any of the four main tabs.


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