It is possible to sort (alphabetize) most columns in each data grid. To see if it is possible to sort a column, hover the mouse cursor over the text of the column header. If the cursor turns into a hand, this is an indication that you may click on the column header and the data grid will be sorted by that column. If you hover over a column header and the cursor does not change, the column can not be sorted.


Columns cannot be sorted if they contain multiple variables. For example, "Placed With Opp" lists all the opportunities your volunteers have been placed with. One volunteer could be placed with Administrative, Day Care, and Mentoring, while another volunteer could be placed with only Day Care and Mentoring. Sorting this information could be misleading.


In the image below, the blue triangle (gs026) in the "Last Name" header means that the list is being sorted by the "Last Name" column. In this case, the list will be sorted by "Last Name" in ascending order (A to Z). If you want to sort in descending order (Z to A), click the blue triangle and it will point upward. To sort from a different column (e.g., "First Name), click the header "First Name" and the blue triangle will move to that column.

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