Grid Settings

Grid Settings

Too much information is not good, but neither is too little information. First and last name is a pretty minimal information set for the volunteer grid.


The grid settings screen is where you choose the information you want to see in front of you when you click on any of the four main tabs. The customization process is basically the same for all grids found on the main tabs of eCoordinator (i.e. Volunteers, Opportunities, Organizations, Clients). Each of these grids must be customized individually. Accessing grid settings for the Scheduling and Log Book systems will be explained shortly.


Select "Tools" at the top of your screen and select "Grid Settings" from the drop down menu. The "Grid Settings" window will open.

You can also access "Grid Settings" by clicking the "Grid Settings" button above the data grid.


It is easy to see why some people may want to have things like phone numbers show up in the grid. But this is a sorting tool as well. If things show up in the grid you can sort them in ascending or descending order. So, if you want to see the age range of your volunteers you could sort them by their date of birth. If you need volunteers who live in certain geographical regions you could sort them by zip codes. It is a way to organize your information so certain aspects become more obvious. Once you set up your grid, it is not set in stone. You can have a look at birth dates, for example, and then go in and customize your grid and hide them again. Please see the "Find" section to learn how to do quick searches for another method of filtering information.


There are two sections to the "Grid Settings" window. In the first section, you can customize your data grid.


Click on the items in the "Available Columns" list that you want to appear in your grid and then click on the right pointing (>>) arrows, or double-click the item. To remove things from the list, click on the items in the "Selected Columns" and click on the left-pointing (<<) arrows, or double-click the item. Think of the "Available Columns" as hidden columns. When you have all of the fields that you wish to have appear and you open the volunteer screen, you may decide that you do not like the order that they appear in. Some people like to see the first name first. To rearrange the order, simply click on "First Name" to select it and then click on the "Move Up" button.


To include searches in your data grid, simply select the search search that you would like to include from the drop down boxes to the right of the column name; by selecting a search, the checkbox will become automatically selected, meaning that the search will be a part of this saved grid. The blue arrow (gs026) indicates which column your grid will be sorted by. Click on the dash () line (in the "Sort" column) by the row name to change which column will be sorted.


If you would like to see the same grid each time you login, it is possible to set eCoordinator to do so. Under "Default Saved Grid At Login," simply choose the saved grid you would like to see upon each login. If it does not matter to you, feel free to use the "Remember the last grid upon logout." This feature is available on all main grid settings.


To select multiple columns, hold the "Ctrl" or "Shift" and click the columns you want to move. Or, just double click column names to move them quickly in or out of your data grid.


The attributes that you have added in "User Defined Fields" will appear in the "Available Column" list marked with asterisks at the end. (ex. User Defined*)


In the "Selected Columns" list you may adjust the width of each column, just change the number in the width box. The second number is just a clue for you so that you can see what the maximum width can be.


The number of records per page is set with a default of 15. Some people prefer to have more volunteers per page so they can just scroll through them instead of going to the next page. You can display up to 100 records per page.


Click "OK" to save your changes.



Scheduling and Log Book Grid Settings


To access the schedule grid (also referred to as the calendar grid), click on the "Calendar" button from any of the four main grids. Once the calendar window opens, find and click on the "Grid" view link, located at the top right of the screen:



From there, follow the same steps as outlined for profile grid settings: find and click the "Grid Settings" button to edit the grid.


To access the log book grid, simply click the "Log Book" button from any of the main profile grid views. The Log Book system will open, then find and click the "Grid Settings" button to edit the grid.

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