Creating Group Components

Creating Group Components

Group components are the fields that comprise groups. There are eight group component types. The components can be a set of instructions, a horizontal rule dividing information, or questions that require answers in a specific form. The first two components mentioned (i.e., instructions and horizontal rule) are design elements and do not require input from anyone entering profile data. Their actual names are "Comment" for instructions, and "Divider" for a horizontal rule. These first two components are to help users navigate through the questions and input fields more easily.

There are six other types of group components that require users to form their answers in a specific format: number, short or long text, a date or range of dates, a time, and dropdown list. Examples of group component, are listed below. We will also repeat the examples on the topic items that bear their names.

In addition to the specific formats that answers must be in, administrators have the option to choose which questions must be answered before a user can move on to the next screen, or complete their profile. All six of these group components may be set to have a default answer.

Regardless of the tab you are working from, you can create, edit, or delete any UDF record type. However, to access and collect information or run reports, you must go to the associated tab of the profile type for which you are trying to collect.

You must have administrator access to create UDFs. If you can see the "User Defined Fields" selection from the "Tools" drop down box, you have access to create UDFs.


In the image below are the current group components that volunteers will be asked to answer on the "Volunteers" tab. While still in administrator mode, you can create, edit, or delete components, change the group that a component is associated with, or reorder the components to be displayed in a more organized manner.

Examples of UDF Group Components:


Group Component




Average points per game

Short Text

Last school attended

Professional associations

Long Text

Please discuss your previous mentoring experience

Tell us about yourself

Why did you decide to volunteer with our organization?


Training date

Start date (End date)

College graduation date


Preferred availability: Start time (end time)

Wake time (Sleep time)

Available tutoring time


Please ask all prospective volunteer these questions below

Please answer all of the questions to the best of your knowledge

The next set of questions are about your previous volunteer experience

Drop down List

T-shirt size: XS, S, M, L, XL

Blood type: A, B, AB, O

Drink preference: bottled water, coffee, tea, orange juice, soda

US time zone: PT, MT, CT, ET


Personal Information

Previous Service Learning Experience

Lunch Preferences

HIPAA Privacy Compliance Questionnaire


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