Design Elements

Design Elements

There are two selections, Comment and Divider, that are laid out like entry fields, but actually are just there to make the profile look better and be more easily understood.



A "Comment" is simply that. There are no headings, titles, dropdown boxes, or scrollable text boxes associated with it; it is simply for adding text or instructions to users on what is to come next. Many of our customers use it as a place to give instruction or additional information that does not require direct feedback.


Example: "Heroes with x-ray vision will be required to interview over the phone" appears as:





A "Divider" is the divider "Title" followed by a horizontal line. The purpose of using dividers is so you can visually group your information into sections.


Using the super hero example again, you can see the comment ("Heroes with X-ray Vision," etc.) and the "Personal Information" divider.

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