The "Organizations" work area is for agencies who are managing volunteers and opportunities for multiple organizations or multiple departments within an organization. Volunteer Centers are a good example of an organization (or agency) doing coordination for many Organizations. If you are only dealing with volunteers and opportunities for your own organization, you most likely will not even have an "Organizations" tab on your screen. That does not mean you can totally forget about organizations, as you will still need to set up your own organization's information before you can enter opportunities. Please see the section on "Entering My Organization."


"My Organization" is the primary organization in the eCoordinator account. Most likely it will be the organization that is paying for the eCoordinator software as a service. If you do work with multiple organizations and you need to change the primary organization in eCoordinator, you may do so by selecting "Account" from the menu bar and selecting "Change My Organization" from the drop down list.


In the Organizations data grid, a small house icon appears next to the Organization that has been designated "My Organization."



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