Editing an Organization

Editing an Organization

Make sure that the Organization work area is active by clicking on the "Organizations" tab. Select the Organization that you wish to edit by clicking the check box in front of it. Then select the "Edit" button in the column of buttons on the left side of your screen. You may also right-click on the profile you wish to edit, and select the "Edit" option that appears. This is the same set of screens that you used when you were entering Organizations. You may change any of the information. If you select text, you can type over it. You can uncheck previously checked boxes by clicking on them again. You can navigate through these screens using the "Next" and "Prev" buttons or you can click on specific tabs to go straight to the screen that you want. When you are finished making changes, remember to click "Finish" to save them

Clicking the "Cancel" button or the org003 button on the top right of your window will cause you to lose all of the information you just entered. Always use the "Next" or "Finish" buttons to save your work.


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