Posting Opportunities on eRecruiter

Posting Opportunities on eRecruiter

To post an opportunity to eRecruiter, it must be moved into the eRecruiter folder.


You can tell which folder is the eRecruiter folder because it will have a little megaphone next to it, when viewed from the "Opportunities" tab. It will be named something "eRecruiter" or "Website" unless your organization chose a different name when your account was set up.

To place the opportunities into the eRecruiter folder, first select the opportunity or opportunities you would like to post. Then click on the green arrow next to the eRecruiter folder.

You can check to make sure they were moved correctly by clicking on the folder title to view the contents of that folder.


When the opportunity (or schedule slot) that is posted has a designated number of needed volunteers, the opportunity (or schedule slot) will be automatically removed from the eRecruiter search results once the maximum number of placements has been reached, with volunteers having been placed via eCoordinator or eRecruiter regardless.


All eRecruiters must be designated as either a "Placement eRecruiter" or a "Referral eRecruiter," meaning that when volunteers sign up for opportunities online, they are either placed by default, or referred by default. However, this behavior can be overriden. For example, a school will want to set up a Referral eRecruiter, because they work with children and cannot put this vulnerable population at risk by not screening volunteers prior to placing them with an opportunity. However, the school may want to put on a workshop or a training course, and would like it to be open to the public. The eCoordinator user would not want the hassle of placing each person who signs up, since no screening process is required for this one-time opportunity. For times like these, turn to the "Additional Info" tab on the opportunity profile, and find the field labeled "Volunteers who sign-up for this activity on their own should be":


There are three checkbox options:

placed into schedule slots if already placed with opportunity


Whatever is selected here precludes and overrides the default eRecruiter functionality. In our example example, where the eRecruiter is set up to refer all volunteers who sign up, but the volunteer manager would like volunteers to be automatically placed with the training, the volunteer manager could select the “placed” checkbox. This will override the eRecruiter setting and place all volunteers who sign up for that particular opportunity via the eRecruiter.


Please note that because they are checkboxes, more than one option can be selected.

National Websites:


Samaritan has partnered with and, two national online volunteer service opportunity brokers. Due to this partnership, you may choose to work with our Client Services team to configure your system such that opportunities will also be published on these two websites! Remember, publishing may be subject to approval by your or another eCoordinator account user.


Further information can be found in the "Posting Opportunities via Organization eRecruiter."




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