Main Info / Organization / Contact Info

Main Info / Organization / Contact Info

We will begin with the required fields. The required fields for entering an opportunity are "Title" under the "Main Info" tab, the sponsoring "Organization" under the "Organization" tab, and the "Address" and "City" for the sponsoring organization under the "Contact Info" tab. Everything else is optional. All of those other fields are just there to make your life easier. You can fill them out now, or later, or never. The thing to remember is that the detail you do provide will dictate how detailed of a match between your opportunity and volunteer you will be able to get later.


On the "Main Info" page there is a box in which you can enter a description. Think of this as the place to enter your classified ad describing the position or opportunity you need filled. This is your chance to present your opportunity in an appealing way.


On the "Contact Info" and "Location Info" tabs is a checkbox labeled "Same as organization." It refers to the organization that you selected on the "Organization" page. Selecting this checkbox will populate the contact information fields with the same data that you entered in "My Organization."

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