There are reports that are associated strictly with client profiles. These are accessed either from the “Reports” button on the main client grid, or from the “Report All> Clients” section of the top menu:


Client Roster: Displays client name, address, and any contact information stored on the “Personal” tab (such as email address, phone numbers, etc.).
Client Labels: Allows eCoordinator users to print mailing labels with the clients addresses. All Avery-Dennison label sizes are supported.
Client Report: A printable version of the client profile, including all fields that are filled out.
Client Phone List: Displays client name, day phone, evening phone and email address.
Clients Registered: Displays client name, day phone, address, email address, and date registered.
Client Data Grid: Allows eCoordinator users to create a .pdf or tab-delimited .txt file of whatever rows and columns are currently displayed in the data grid.
Client Schedule: Arranged by client name, displays date and time of schedule slots to which the clients are assigned, along with the opportunity title and slot description.
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