eCoordinator allows coordinators to place or refer volunteers to schedule slots. The same is true with clients. The scheduling system has been completely redesigned. For detailed help with the scheduling or calendar systems, please see the appropriate sections in this manual. Briefly, in order to place a client with a schedule slot in the calendar system, there are three ways of accomplishing this:


Drag and Drop:

From within the Clients list on the bottom-left of the window, select the checkbox next to the button for the “Refer” or “Place” buttons (or both). Then drag and drop the client to the main calendar view, and release the mouse button when the client icon appears on top of the schedule slot. Only one client may be referred and/or placed at a time using this method.

Place/Refer Buttons:

From the main calendar view, click on the schedule slot for which you would like to place or refer the client. The slot summary pane will refresh at the bottom of the screen. Then select the checkbox next to the name(s) of the volunteer(s) you would like to refer or place, and click the appropriate “Refer” or “Place” button. Notice that multiple clients may be referred and/or placed using this method.




Schedule Slot/Ride Profile:

Starting with eCoordinator 6.7, schedule slots can be set up to be standard schedule slots, or they can also be set up as rides. The functionality and differences between these two types of slots is more thoroughly explained in the Transportation Logistics section of this manual. However, the third method of placing or referring clients to a schedule slot or ride profile is from within the profile itself. On the schedule slot/ride profile is a tab entitled “Referred/Placed Clients,” on which you may employ the same methods as outlined above: 1) select the checkboxes next to “Place” and/or “Refer,” then drag and drop to the “Clients” section; or 2) use the “Place” and “Refer” buttons.


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