Survey Owner Information

Survey Owner Information

Starting with version 6.3, you may now attach your surveys to opportunities that have been shared with you. If your organization publishes opportunities that you receive from other eCoordinator accounts you can now attach your own surveys to those opportunities. As shown below, we have selected the surveys from other opportunities that have been shared with us, and can now assign them to new opportunities.


Survey Ownership


If you are an administrative user that publishes opportunities from other organizations you can now easily see who is the owner of each survey. For example, if a subordinate department has published a survey, that survey is available to all levels above that department. From any of the main tabs (volunteers, opportunities, organizations or clients), select Tools> Administrative Options> Surveys. Then select the "Include surveys from opportunities shared with me" radio button. You will then be able to see the surveys from other organizations and who the owner is as shown below.


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