Logged Data

Logged Data

One of the nice things about Surveys is that it is not required to enter the information all at once. The whole idea of tracking information is a thoughtful process. You may want to revisit this screen as you think of questions that you might ask in order to gather the data that you want to keep track of.


There are typically several types of data that are tracked by default: hours, miles, and what service was performed. These are assigned to the volunteers. It asks the volunteers to record their hours, miles, and service performed. If you would like, you can have a Client Services representative remove any or all of the default survey entries from your account, but you can also do this yourself.


If during the process of setting up a survey you find that the survey lacks information you may choose to add a new question. In order for the volunteer, or the eCoordinator user if a user is filling out a survey for a volunteer, to be able to reply to your questions the survey must contain a "Logged Data Field." These fields are the literally space where the answer will be placed and entered into the database. You create these fields, unless automatically created in the "Default Log Book Survey," including the field type, such as Number, Free Text, Drop Down List, etc.


From the "Edit Survey" screen select "New" at the bottom of the "Logged Data Fields."


You will then see the "Edit Logged Data" screen.


Title: When creating a new piece of logged data, it often simplifies things if you use a short survey question as a title. For example, a good title for the logged data used to find out how many phone calls someone took in a shift might be, "How many calls?" This makes it easier to keep track of what the logged data refers to.

The description is optional. The things to pay attention to, are if you want a start and end date, and in what form you want the question answered. ("Would you like to tutor again?" would need a Yes/No selection.) If you check "Ask for start and end time," your survey will include these questions for the volunteer to record when filling out a survey in eRecruiter.


If you have chosen to use a drop down box for your logged data, the screen will expand so that you can enter the selections you would like available in the drop down list. This is the same process for setting up a drop down box in the Drop down section of User Defined Fields.


When you are finished, click on "OK" and the new "Logged Data Field" will appear as an available option in the "Logged Data Fields" box on the "Edit Survey" screen, see Surveys.

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