Verifying a Volunteer's Identification

Verifying a Volunteer's Identification

To verify a volunteer's identification, choose a volunteer from the data grid and click on the "edit" button. In the volunteers profile, you will find the "Identification" tab. There will be no information on this tab until you (or another person who has access to your eCoordinator account) fills it out.


When the volunteer shows up for his or her first placement, you should verify the information on this tab. If the identification information on this screen is different than the information in the personal tab, you will see an error message similar to this.



If the identification information here is different than the information used for the last background check for this volunteer, you will receive this error message.


These error messages will also appear in the "Background Check History."


To delete a volunteer's form of identification, simply check the box above the form you want to delete, and click the "Delete" button.




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