From the Data Grid

From the Data Grid

Once a volunteer has given you permission to run a background check, find that volunteer in the data grid and put a check next to his or her name.


In the column of buttons on the left, you will see a button called "Background Check." Click this button, choose "Request Background Checks" and "Only Selected Volunteers." If you know all the volunteers in your current grid (for instance, you just ran a search for all volunteers who agreed to a background check but have not yet had one), or all the volunteers in your account have given permission for background checks to be run, you can order all your background checks at one time by choosing "All Volunteers in Grid" or "All Volunteers in Account."

Once you have designated the profiles on which you will run a background check, you will see the "Request Background Checks" screen. From here you will be able to choose from the different background check systems that were set up with your account and review the cost to your organization. If you wish to submit the background check request(s), click the "Submit Request" button. If you decide you are not ready to submit the request(s) at this time, click "Cancel."

If you clicked "Submit Request," the following window will review your request and confirm the cost total. Click "Confirm Request" to continue. If you would like to make a change to your request, click "Back." If you would like to cancel the request click "Cancel."


If you clicked "Confirm Request," the final window that opens is a confirmation page. You may print your confirmation, or simply close the window.

If your background check package qualifies as an "instant" return, then in most cases your background check will be complete in a matter of seconds. If you are requesting a large number of background checks or have a slow internet connection, expect seconds to turn to minutes.


If your package is "non-instant," the turnaround may be as long as a few days. Non-instant searches do not simply query a database and return the information. They require some clerical work to be done in the jurisdiction (state, county, etc.) for which you are requesting information. However, as with instant checks, the information will be made available to you via eCoordinator.


Instant checks:

Sex Offender Search
Omni Search
Social Security Trace


Non-instant checks:

On-site County Criminal Record Search
Motor Vehicle Report


If you open the Background Check Review screen while the report is being run, the status will read "Background Check in progress."


When the Background Check is complete, the status will change to "Ready for Review."


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