Comparing Reports

Comparing Reports

If you have run multiple background checks on a volunteer over a period of weeks, months, years, etc., all those background checks remain in eCoordinator. You may want to view these reports side by side in order to see if anything has changed. To do this simply select the volunteer from the data grid and click the "Background Check" button. Choose "Review Background Checks" and "Only the Selected Volunteer." Once the Background Check Review and most recent report open, scroll through the history to see all previous background checks processed.

Click "View Report" for each report that you wish to open. The reports will open on the left side of your screen and will stack on top of each other. Simply click and hold the "Title Bar" and drag each report where you would like to view it. Side by side is a nice option!

The "Title Bar" displays the date of the background check, name of the volunteer and their date of birth.

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