There are a lot of ways to use eCoordinator. Music festivals, soup kitchens, educators, emergency managers, and even big corporations manage volunteers. Obviously not all of these groups are going to manage volunteers in the same manner. One of the great things about eCoordinator is that there is enough flexibility to make it an excellent tool to manage any kind of group. Scheduling is one of those features that may be the centerpiece of this program for you. On the other hand, some organizations never use it. If you are an organization that needs to know how and when you can schedule your volunteers, you are going to like eCoordinator.

The scheduling system consists of several elements but the basic concept is that schedule slots are created for existing service opportunities and then filled with placed volunteers.  

Version 6.7 is the first edition of eCoordinator that allows scheduling to occur from 4 perspectives: Volunteers, Opportunities, Organizations and Clients. In 6.7, we also completely changed the interface so that you can drag-and-drop opportunities, volunteers or clients together onto a calendar date. There are also new calendar view and many other features that will be shown in this section.

If your organization uses eRecruiter or shares opportunities with an organization that does, your schedule slots can be displayed online and volunteers will be able to sign up for those schedule slots.

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