Creating Schedule Slots

Creating Schedule Slots 

Before you can refer or place volunteers with a slot you must first create a slot. There are multiple ways to launch the slot setup screen the first time.


1. Drag-and-drop an opportunity onto a calendar day
2. Right-click on a calendar day select "New"
3. Click the "New" button under the calendar


Regardless of how you create a new slot, you will see the following screens (or a customized set). You can open and close the different tabs on the profile by clicking on their headers.


Basic Information:

The description of the activity is helpful to the volunteer because it describes the type of activity that the volunteer will be performing. This is the description that will display on your reports and eRecruiter, if you are posting this opportunity via the internet or your intranet.) There is also a special message that will appear to volunteers if your organization uses Sign-in.

To select the level of urgency for the schedule slot, you can click on the dropdown box to see what your options are. Select the one that seems most fitting.

Use the dropdown boxes to select your time. Some opportunities extend over midnight so there is an "End Date" field you can complete for the 2nd day. Note that if you do this you will not be able to set up a repeating pattern for the slot (discussed later).

The minimum number of volunteers/clients will guide you as you schedule volunteers within eCoordinator. The maximum number will show up if you are using eRecruiter or sharing opportunities with an organization that uses eRecruiter.

Location Information:

By default this has the same address information as the service opportunity, but you can change it in case scheduled volunteers need to show up at a different location (like a station on a marathon route). You can always click "Same as Opportunity" to restore the opportunities default location.


The Location Description follows the same idea. If you want a volunteer to get to the location of the opportunity itself, those directions could be typed here and will show up online when a volunteer signs up for this slot. However, if the volunteer does need to go somewhere else (that marathon station comes to mind again) then you would put specific directions to that location here.


This feature can save you a lot of time when building schedules that repeat regularly.


If you select the radio button that says "Yes," you are choosing to repeat this activity. Doing so, you will be able to select the slot repetitions by specific day of the week or by a specific day of the month. If you do not need to repeat the slot you can hide this part of the screen by clicking on[hide].


For example, if you offer a specific opportunity every Wednesday for every week of the year until a specified date, then you would want to check every option under the "Wednesday" column AND put a date in the "Repeat until" area. Would it be great if the same dependable volunteers wanted to fill every slot until the specified date? You may be asking yourself, "What if one of my volunteers cannot fill one of the slots that I have already placed him in and I am using slot repetitions? Do not worry, you will always have the option to change the schedule by "This day only" or "All future dates."


If this is an ongoing event, you can check the "Repeat Forever" box. If you only want the activity to repeat until some specific date, deselect "Repeat Forever" and specify the end date in the "Repeat until" field.

Volunteer Referrals and Placements:

Use this to directly refer or place a volunteer in the slot you are creating. You have the same options to narrow the list of volunteers by using saved grids and searches (just click the "[+] Filters" link). You can drag-and-drop a volunteer into the right window or select multiple volunteers and click the appropriate "Refer" or "Place" button to take action on multiple records.

Client Referrals and Placements:

This works exactly the same as it does for volunteers, except that you are placing clients in the slot. For example, if your opportunity is a "Meals On Wheels" route that requires one volunteer to visit 8 clients in 3 hours, then the slot would be set up for 3 hours, have one volunteer placement and 8 clients. This tab is where you add the clients to the slot. If you are using our Transportation Logistics module, you could also set up the route between each stop the volunteer makes as they travel and utilize some additional reporting tools we have for them to record distance, time, and other fields.

Automatic Log Book Entries:

eCoordinator can automatically create log book entries for any volunteers who you place with this schedule slot. The system will assume that the volunteer IS showing up and the log book entry will be for the date and times you are entering here. If the slot is set up to repeat, then a new entry will automatically be made after each instance of the slot. The number of hours recorded will come from the times entered on the "Basic Info" tab above. Because volunteers should not be recording the same hours on your website the second checkbox is automatically selected. Note that you should only use either of these options when you are 100% certain that volunteers WILL show up.


This tab is also used to associate the slot with Sign-In stations.

History and Notes:

eCoordinator automatically tracks all decisions you make regarding schedule slots in case you need to provide accountability for these decisions. This history is never seen by the volunteers. You can Add/Edit notes by clicking the button and also paste the current contents into a separate document.


If you require your volunteers to provide signed logs for the hours they serve, then you should setup the ability for them to upload attachments for this schedule slot you are creating. To do this please click "Modify Attachment List" and enter the type of attachment you wish to allow. This list will be seen by volunteers when they attempt to upload an attachment from your web site. To enter a new type, click "Add New" and enter the name in the field provided. You can enter (and therefore allow) multiple types of attachments. When you are finished modifying the list click the "OK" button at the bottom of the screen. You will be returned to the slot setup screen where you can enter additional notes.

If you need to download attachments that volunteers have posted related to this schedule slot you will find them listed in the "Attachments List" automatically. Just select them and click the "Download" button.



Finalizing Your Slot:

You can return to any previous sub-section of the schedule slot system at any time until you finalize the slot by clicking one of the options at the bottom of the screen:

You will then be returned to whichever calendar view you were on when you started to create this slot.


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