The Right Click

The Right Click

The calendaring screen includes the ability to right-click on different records and take appropriate actions. The goal is to provide you with a way to control the data you need so that scheduling is easier.


Right-Clicking on Volunteers, Opportunities and Clients:

You can right click on any record in the left pane and take the actions referenced above. While these actions can be taken on any type of record, they are explained here in context of volunteers only:

New: Launches the new volunteer registration screens (volunteer profile). Same as clicking the "New" button on the main Volunteer Grid in eCoordinator.
Edit: Launches the volunteer profile screens for the selected volunteer.
Copy: Copies the selected volunteer, opportunity or client by creating a new instance of the record and launching the profile screens for the same. Most often used to copy existing Opportunities.
Delete: Moves the selected record to the Recycle Bin.
Refer (volunteers only): Refers the selected volunteer to the currently selected opportunity in the calendar grid.
Place (volunteers only): Places the selected volunteer with the currently selected opportunity in the calendar grid.
Log Book: Opens the Log Book system, allowing you to create log book entries for the selected profile(s).
Email: Opens the Email system, allowing you to send emails to: Placed Volunteers, Referred Volunteers, Placed Clients, or Referred Clients.
Schedule Report (volunteers only): Runs the schedule report for selected profile(s).



Right Clicking on Schedule Slots:


When you right-click on a selected schedule slot you can choose to:

Edit: Opens the profile screen for this slot.
Copy: Copies the slot on the same day at the same time as the selected and then launches the slot setup screen for the NEW slot in case you need to make changes.
Delete: Deletes the selected slot. Note that this is a permanent deletion.
Day Off: Used if you need to cancel only one instance of a repeating slot. For example, if a weekly slot happens to fall on a national holiday, you might use this feature to make sure nobody shows up to volunteer if the slot is canceled.



You can put your mouse over different types of records and details will appear. For example:


Individual Records:

Schedule slot Titles & Descriptions:

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