Volunteer Day View

Volunteer Day View

There is a special view available that was designed to help you identify when selected volunteers are available to serve in opportunities. This is called "Volunteer Day View." All of the same functions work as with the other views but in this case we add the ability to compare volunteer schedules for various opportunities.

Note the different columns for each volunteer above, but also take notice of the new column called "Unassigned." This contains a list of slots for which there are currently no volunteers placed (or assigned). There are several ways to sort the slots so you can pick the one you want the screen to pay attention to. To see slots for a different opportunity (or opportunities) select it/them from the Opportunities window and click the "Refresh" button. To view different slots for any selected opportunities use the drop down menu in the "Unassigned" column.


Once you have selected slot using the radio button, next to it the display will show it as a horizontal blue area across all the selected volunteer columns, as shown above. Any conflicting volunteer hours will appear in red for each volunteer. This is true even if the volunteer is scheduled at that time for a different slot and opportunity.

You can now see clearly which volunteers have conflicts with your selected slot. If you want to view schedule conflicts for different volunteers or slots then select them from the appropriate columns on the left.


When selecting an unassigned slot on volunteer day view, the calendar automatically scrolls vertically to bring the times for the unassigned slot into view.

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