Making a Log Book Entry

Making a Log Book Entry

You can approach the log book from different directions depending on what information you have to enter. For example, you have a list of volunteers who each spent four hours working on an opportunity for you last week. It might be easier to enter that information through opportunities since it was the same opportunity for every volunteer. If you are logging in as a volunteer or else you are entering information for a volunteer it would make sense to do it from the Volunteers tab. Just select a volunteer and click the "Log Book" button.


When you click on the "Log Book" button, you will have the option of viewing logs for the selected records, all of the records in the grid, or all of the records in the account. This is for viewing purposes. You cannot enter new data for more than one record at a time.

After you select one of the options listed above, click the "New" button at the top of the column of buttons to the left of the Log Book data grid. If you entered the Log Book from the opportunities screen, you will select from the list of placed volunteers for the opportunity you selected. If you entered the Log Book from the "Volunteer's" tab, you will have the volunteer you selected and a list of opportunities that they have been placed with. When selecting the volunteer or opportunity, you need to click on the name to highlight it and then click "OK." If there are multiple surveys available for the opportunity, you must select a survey and click "OK." The survey will open, your can fill it out and click "OK."


Some surveys contain start and end dates that are often the same day. The default start and end dates will be today's date. You can change those dates if this is information for an activity that was completed in the past.


Please see the section on Scheduling to see how to automate Log Book entries.


To enter log book information for members of other groups select the opportunity and click the "Edit" button. In the Opportunity Profile click the "Survey Groups" tab. Select the group in the box on the left and then select the group member in the box on the right. Now click the "Log Book" button under the group members and proceed as you would with a volunteer log book entry.


The "Survey Groups" tab is normally turned off. If you would like to use this feature, please contact us.

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