Approve Hours

Approve Hours

For some organizations it is necessary to approve volunteer hours. Volunteer hours may be subject to audit if an organization receives funding based upon the number and type of volunteer service hours performed. eCoordinator makes it simple to Approve or Disapprove a volunteers reported hours! If you do not see this feature in your system but are interested in having it turned on, please contact a Client Services.


In the log book data grid you see an "Approval" button on the left hand side.

Select the checkbox next to the log book entry or records for which you wish to Approve or Disapprove and then click the "Approval" button.


If you want to address all the records on the screen, do not select any records, simply click the "Approval" button.


The "Approve/Disapprove Hours" window opens.

From here you can choose "Yes, Approved,, "Disapproved," or "Not Yet Approved." You can also choose if you want your Approval to apply to all the log book entries or just the entries you selected on the previous screen. Once you have made all your choices, click the "OK" button. If you decide you are not ready to make your decision at this time, click "Cancel."


Once you have approved or disapproved your volunteers hours, you can view the information in the log book grid. There are 4 columns in the log book grid that relate to approval status.

Approval Status: Indicates whether or not the entry has been approved, disapproved, or not yet approved.
Approved By: Displays the user who set the approval status.
Approval Date: Is the date the approval status was set.
Approval Hours: Shows how many hours were approved for this log book entry.
Approver's Note: If any notes were typed in, they will be displayed here.
Approved By User Type: Shows either "eCoordinator User" or "Approver." (See the Approver System section for more information)

If you do not see these columns in your log book grid, you must add them through the "Grid Settings" functionality directly above the data grid.


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    Cheryl Foster

    It doesn't address the impact of the approval status on the e-recruiter logbook

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