Log Book Report

Log Book Report

You can create reports right from the screen that you view your log book entries. Just click the "Report" button to the left of the grid on the "eCoordinator Log Book System" screen. Starting with version 6.9.2, the reports that are available from the main grid are also available from the log book grid, including all rosters, placement reports, mailing labels, etc. The most versatile report, however, is the data grid report (see screenshot below).


The screen for the report parameters will open.

The information in Log Book data grid report reflects the columns that you have displayed. You may change these by changing the grid settingsbefore you click the "Reports" button.


You may change the title of the report and any of the column labels here, before you print. Simply highlight the default title and type in your new title.


Select the format (Adobe Acrobat or tab-delimited text).  For more information about formats please see the section on data grid reports

Text wrap refers to the text within columns. It does not wrap additional columns. More columns will fit into a printed report if you select the landscape orientation.


The Log Book Report is a data grid-type report.

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