Ghost Records

Ghost Records

When you delete any of the main profiles, they are moved to the recycle bin. It is pretty simple to restore them from the recycle bin by selecting the record and then clicking on the "Restore" button. If you decide to delete them from the recycle bin, they cannot be restored; they are permanently deleted. But what if you permanently deleted an opportunity that had a history in the log book? There might be times when you need to see that history even though the opportunity, volunteer, organization or client is no longer in the database.


If a record has been permanently deleted, and a log book entry connected to it, it now exists as what is called a "ghost record."


When you point at "Tools" in the menu bar at the top of your screen "Enable Ghost Records View" is one of the options that appears. If you select it, your ghost records will then be visible.


You cannot edit, make reports, refer/place, email, or put these in folders. They are visible, but you cannot work with them outside of using them for log book data and reports.

The image below is how ghost records appear in the system. The visual cue is the "DEL" next to the checkbox:

If you go back to the "Tools" menu, the menu item now says "Disable Ghosts Record view." Click on that to make the ghosts records invisible.

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