Exporting Reports

Exporting Reports

Data Grid and Log Book Reports can be generated in a text format so that they can easily be exported to word processor and spreadsheet applications. After the file is exported, use the instructions below (How to View a "Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)" File) to view the contents of the file. Once you see the data, you can manipulate it as desired or you can be merge it with other data for letters and labels. For more information about using mail merge with your Microsoft products, please visit and search for "mail merge." Because you can customize both the main data grids and the log book data grid, you can export almost all information from your database.


You cannot export Long Text type User Defined Fields.


First make sure that the grid is customized to contain the information that you would like to export. Then select the data grid-type report (i.e., "Volunteer Data Grid," "Opportunity Data Grid," or "Organization Data Grid") from the "Report All" menu or "Reports" button.


As part of your report parameters, choose "Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)" from the "Report Format" drop down menu. Click "OK." You will be prompted to open or save this file. Select "Save" and save this file to your computer.

How to View a "Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)" File


After saving the report, right click on the file you just saved and a set of options will display. Select "Open With" and then choose the program with which you want to view your new tab-delimited report. It is easiest to view this type of file in a spreadsheet application.

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