Labels (including Mailing Labels)

Labels (including Mailing Labels)

You can create mailing labels for volunteers, organizations, or clients.


This list contains the standard formats for mailing labels. Match the format (below) to your label type and size.

Starting with version 6.9.1, eCoordinator users are now able to determine the order in which labels are printed:

1. Alpha Order: Orders the labels in alphabetical order by first name.
2. Zip Code: Orders the labels in numerical order by zip code.
3. Grid Order: This is the most versatile option. To order labels in alphabetical order by last name, for example, simply set up your data grid and sort the "Last Name" column in ascending order (gs026). Any sortable column can determine the order in which your labels will be produced.


After clicking "Print," please set the page scaling to "None" and de-select "Auto-Rotate and Center" and "Choose Paper Source" (remember to reset page scaling to "Shrink large pages" for other types of reports).

*Please note that the options displayed in the image above may appear in different areas of the "Print" pop-up screen, based on a combination of operating system, Internet Explorer version, and/or .pdf application/version.


If you are using an older version (older than version 6.0) of Acrobat Reader, please de-select the check boxes for "Shrink oversized pages to paper size," "Expand small pages to paper size," and "Auto-rotate and center pages."


You will need to re-select "Shrink oversized pages to paper size" for all non-label reports.

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