Starting an Email

Starting an Email

Sending email is basically the same process on all four main tabs (i.e. Volunteers, Opportunities, Organizations, and Clients). The difference is to whom you are sending the email. If you click the "Email" button from the Volunteers tab (and do not specify any specific records), emails will be be sent to all of the volunteers. This also works the same way on the Opportunities, Organizations and Clients tabs. If no records are selected, emails will be sent to all contacts.


Unless you specify certain records, the default setting is to send to all of the records.

You can also send email from log books. If you send email from the opportunity log book, it will go to the contact for that opportunity.


The "Email" button can be found in the column on the left side of your screen. It appears no matter which tab is active. If you want to send email to volunteers, you need to make sure that you have selected the volunteer tab by clicking on it.


Before you click on the email button, give yourself a moment to think of whom you want to receive this email. If you are only sending this message to a few volunteers, it might be easiest to just select their names before you start. If there are a lot of volunteers but not everyone on the list, you may want to run a search so that you have the grid you want in front of you before you start. The "All Records" option means all of the records in the current grid will receive the message.


When sending emails to multiple Volunteers, Opportunities, or Organizations, the recipients will only see their own email address in the "To" field. All other addresses will be hidden or "bcc'd" (short for blind carbon-copied).

You only need to enter your return email address (a.k.a. "From" field) and "Signature" once. After sending an email with these elements in place, they will be saved. (Of course, you can change them anytime you want.)


Clicking the "Reset" button will not "reset" the "Signature" field.


Each time you open a new eCoordinator email window and then close it, eCoordinator treats your email as if you were working on a document in a word processor. If you send the email and then want to close the window, you are given the option to save the email as a template, or if you decide to cancel the email, you are also given an option to save the email to work on later. The only fields that will remain the same will be the "From" and "Signature" fields.


After you click "Send," a confirmation screen will display showing you who the emails were sent to and how many were sent.


You can prevent this screen from appearing by selecting the "Don't show this confirmation if there are no errors" box.

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