Putting UDFs into Email Messages

Putting UDFs into Email Messages

Did we mention how easy User Defined Fields (UDFs) are to use? Well now you can add UDFs to your email, too.


As with all Mail Merge Fields, User Defined Fields (UDFs) can only be from your eCoordinator account. If you try to send an email with your default email client that contains Mail Merge Fields or UDFs, a warning message will display to let you know that this will not work properly. Mail Merge Fields and UDFs only work with eCoordinator.


For example, your organization wants to verify an order of T-shirts that it will be placing soon, but you want to verify the T-shirt size of all of your volunteers first. Just use the T-shirt UDF that you created earlier and then click the "Email" button to open the email window. You will be able to find your UDF under the "Mail Merge Fields" heading on the right side of your screen.

Once you have located the correct UDF field, just click "Insert" to insert it into the "Message" field.


The selection of UDFs will differ depending on the tab that you are currently working from.


Earlier we mentioned that eCoordinator Email can help you send batch email – large or small. Below is an example of an email using Mail Merge Fields and UDFs that will be sent to several hundreds of volunteers:

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