Personalizing Email Messages

Personalizing Email Messages

Once you have clicked the "Email" button to open the email form, there are a pair of radio buttons that allow you to choose how to send your message: use "eCoordinator" or the "default email client on your computer."

An advantage of using eCoordinator to send your batch email is that you can automatically personalize the messages. Please refer to "Mail Merge Fields" to see an example.


To use a "Volunteer Mail Merge Field," choose the "Mail Merge Field" that you want to add to your message, and then put your cursor in the "Message" field. You will know where your cursor is currently located because there is a message below the field name that alerts you to its location. After you have placed your cursor correctly, click "Insert." Voilà!


The cursor will be placed after the inserted "Mail Merge Field."


In order to use the "Mail Merge Fields," you must use "eCoordinator" to send the email. If you try to send the email using the "default email client on your computer," an error message will display.

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