Email Alert System

Email Alert System

This new feature allows you to use grids (including searches) to define a group of volunteers that you want to communicate with on a regular basis and send them a custom email. It works great for automatic reminders on things like medical license and driver license renewals. Because you can also set the time and frequency when your email is sent out this system can be used to send out monthly newsletters, training reminders or even electronic birthday cards.


Using the new feature is easy. To access this feature, go to Tools > Administrative Options and select the “Email Alerts” tab

Here you can review and select previously created automatic email events (known as “alerts”) or create a new one by selecting the “New” button at the bottom. In either case you will by launching a wizard that will help you go through a simple 4 step process.


Step #1:

Create a name for your email alert. If you are selecting a previously created alert then just continue to the next screen by clicking “Schedule” at the top or “Next” at the bottom.

Step #2:

Use the menus to set up the frequency pattern for email. When will it be sent? How often? The screen above shows that someone wants to send a birthday message out every day. Other options for frequency (i.e., weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, one time only) will each bring up different options that will help you define exactly when your automatic email will be sent.



Step #3:

As with other parts of eCoordinator you get to determine WHO an action is being taken on by using “Saved Grids.” The pull down list here includes volunteer, opportunity, organization, schedule slot and client grids you have created in eCoordinator for other purposes. If you do not currently have a grid created that defines exactly who you want to send your automatic email to then click the “Edit” button to launch the “Saved Grid” system and set up a new one just for your email.

The example above shows how to set up a grid that would identify volunteers who have a birthday each day so you can send them an electronic birthday card. For more information on how to create saved grids please refer to Grid Settings and Saved Grids of this manual.



Step #4:

Finally we get to the message itself. This is handled by the same email system that you have used to create other emails. As with the “Saved Grids” tab you can select a template from the pull down menu. All of your email templates from other sections of eCoordinator will appear here. If you need to edit (or create new) template just click the edit button. The example shown here is one idea for how to set up the email going to a volunteer on their birthday.

Now click “Finish” to complete the process. All automatic emails are sent out nightly at approximately 2am U.S. Central Time. Any replies will go to the email address in the “From” field of your email template(s).


Be careful with attaching a "Data Grid Report" in your Automatic E-mails. You would not want to send a report with multiple volunteers' personal information to a volunteer instead of an internal eCoordinator user. Make sure to only attach a "Data Grid Report" to the appropriate e-mail recipient.


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