Uploading Attachments

Uploading Attachments

Step #1:

The first step in uploading an attachment is to indicate in the “File” field the location of the file on your computer. Clicking the “Browse” button will bring up an explorer window to help you locate the file.

Step #2:

Once you find the file, make sure the file name field is full, and click “Open.”

Step #3:

Make sure to enter a brief description. You may also enter notes in the “Notes” field, then save them by clicking the “Save notes and description” button. Click “Upload” to complete the process.

Step #4:

The left-most pane on the Attachments tab displays the Attachment List. The text entered in the description field is how your attachment will be listed here.

Please notice that you have the option to delete the attachments, or to download the attached file.


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