Transportation System

Transportation System

If your organization makes use of volunteer drivers to provide rides to people or animals, or to make deliveries you may want to use eCoordinators transportation module to schedule the rides or trips. When enabled this module allows you to do the following:

Create ride schedule slots.
Assign a volunteer driver to each ride.
Assign additional volunteers to each ride.
Assign one or more clients to each ride.
Print a driver manifest for each volunteer for each day. A driver manifest is basically a daily travel plan for a specific volunteer driver.
Print a transportation log sheet. Volunteer drivers use this sheet to record their trips in case things dont go as planned during the day.
Record the outcome of a days rides using a special ride survey. The ride survey pre-fills most of the days travel information based upon the rides scheduled for a volunteer. The ride survey also allows you to record the mileage, expenses, and other information associated with each ride.
Print out or export log book reports with the information needed to process reimbursements for volunteer drivers.


Additionally, if the Transportation Approval system has been enabled for your eCoordinator account then you will be able to set up a ride approval work flow if your organization has certain types of rides that must be approved before a volunteer driver may be assigned to them.

In the discussion that follows we will take the perspective of an organization that uses volunteer drivers to provide rides to client of the organization. For example, an organization that provides rides to seniors, people with disabilities, or foster children.

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