Creating Ride Opportunities

Creating Ride Opportunities

Whether for an appointment/event or for a ride, a schedule slots represents specific instances of a service opportunity. Thus, many of the attributes of a schedule slot can be derived from the attributes of the opportunity. Later, well give some examples of how eCoordinator allows you to save a lot of time by setting up specific opportunities for rides or other events that you schedule frequently. First, however, we cover the basics.

Begin by creating an opportunity with a title such as “Volunteer Driver.” You can do so by clicking the New button on the on the Opportunity Grid or by right clicking on the list of opportunities in the eCoordinator scheduling calendar and selecting New from the right click menu that appears. Fill out most of the opportunity profile as you normally would. However, we need to discuss a few new fields that are added when the transportation module has been enabled. These new fields are on the Additional Info tab of the opportunity profile as shown in the red box below. Note that the opportunity profile tab may have been given a different name as part of the customizations requested by your organization.


The first new field on this field has the label “By default new schedule slots for this opportunity are.” Select the “Rides” radio button to specify that whenever you create a new schedule slot for this opportunity by default it will be a ride type schedule slot. The default value for this field is “Appointment/Events,” because that is the only type of schedule slot available when the transportation module is not enabled.


The next new field is displayed if the transportation approval system has been enabled for your eCoordinator account. It allows you to specify whether or not schedule slots (in this case rides) for this opportunity require approval or not. If a ride requires approval then it will not be possible to place a volunteer driver with the ride until the ride has been approved. Select the radio button that appropriately reflects your organizations needs for this opportunity.


The last new field allows you to require that a client (passenger) be placed in each new ride slot. If this option is selected it simply causes a warning message to be displayed if you attempt to save a new ride without first placing a client with that ride.

When you are done filling out the opportunity profile, click the Finish button to save it.

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