Pickup and Dropoff Information

Pickup and Dropoff Information

The next section of the ride profile provides the fields for entering the times, dates, and locations of the pickup and dropoff of the ride, as well as ways of specifying how this ride relates to other rides for this client.

It may look like there is a lot to fill out in this section of the ride profile, but if you’ve done your homework by entering the all the necessary information in the client or opportunity profiles, eCoordinator can make filling out this section fast and very easy.


Begin by specifying the pickup and dropoff dates and times. If you created the ride by dragging and dropping onto the calendar’s month or week views then the pickup date will already be set for you. If the dropoff occurs on the same day then you don’t need to enter it as it will be assumed to be the same. If you created the ride on the calendar’s day or volunteer day view then the start time already will be entered and a possible end time (an hour or half an hour later) will be entered also.

Next, fill out the pickup and dropoff address information. If there are special pickup and dropoff instructions such as the need to call ahead or how to find a difficult location you can enter those things as well.


In case you do need to call ahead, or in case the ride might run late or there is a change of plans you can also enter a contact person and contact phone number for both the pickup and dropoff.

But wait! Before you enter all of that, there is probably a faster way. At the bottom of the columns of pickup and dropoff information there are some very useful check boxes.

Let’s talk about the Use Client’s Address checkbox first.


If you are picking up or dropping off at the primary client’s address then all you have to do is check this checkbox in the appropriate column and all of this information will automatically be filled in from the primary client’s profile. Even better, this information is dynamically linked to the client profile so that if a change is made to the information in the client profile that change will be reflected here as well. If you want to fill in the information from the profile and then make some minor adjustments, just check the checkbox then make your changes. The checkbox will automatically uncheck to show that your changes are specific to this ride. If you want to use the address of a client other than the primary client then select that client from the dropdown list under the checkbox. The primary client always appears first in the list.


For almost every outbound trip you schedule you will probably need to schedule a return trip as well. For example a trip to the dentist will be followed by a trip back to the client’s house. This is where the “Use dropoff address of the previous ride for this client” checkbox comes in very handy.


So, if you have already scheduled the trip from the client’s house to the dentist and are now scheduling the return trip back home then just check this checkbox and the address of the dentist’s office will be filled in as the pickup address for the ride home.


What if you frequently have rides to and from the same location such as a Veteran’s hospital, the library, or your organizations offices? This is where the “Same as opportunity” checkbox becomes a great time saver.


Here is what you do: Create a special ride opportunity with a title such as “Mill Creek Library Ride.” In the opportunity profile, select an appropriate organization for the opportunity such as the library itself. Next, fill in the Location Information for the opportunity with the location of the library. Put any special instructions for getting to that location into the “Description of location” field that accompanies the location address information. On the Additional Info tab for the opportunity be sure to check the radio button that indicates that schedule slots for this opportunity are rides. Lastly, fill in any other parts of the opportunity profile that you feel are appropriate and make sure to click the Finish button when done to save the new special opportunity. If you select this as the opportunity that you drag and drop onto the calendar then you can just fill in the description field with something like “Trip to the library” or “Trip back home” and then use the “Same as opportunity” checkbox to fill in the dropoff or pickup address information and instructions for you.

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