Placing and Unplacing a Volunteer Driver with a Ride

Placing and Unplacing a Volunteer Driver with a Ride

To place a volunteer driver with a ride select the volunteer in the list to the left of the calendar and click the Place button. Alternatively, you may check the checkbox next to the Place button and drag and drop the volunteer driver onto the ride as shown in the picture below. The checkboxes next to the Refer and Place buttons remember how you set them so in the future you won’t have to click or unclick them again if you always do your work the same way. For example, if you always place volunteers in rides, but do not refer them.


To unplace a volunteer driver from a ride, select the ride in the calendar and then drag the volunteer’s name out of the table of referred and placed volunteers in the ride summary pane underneath the calendar.

Alternatively, you may uncheck the checkbox for that volunteer in the Placed column in the table of Referred and Placed Volunteers in the ride summary pane under the calendar and then click the Save button that is between the calendar and the ride summary pane.


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