Printing a Driver Manifest From Within eCoordinator

Printing a Driver Manifest From Within eCoordinator

To print a volunteer driver’s manifest for a given day, first select the day in the calendar by clicking on it (in month view or week view), then right click on the volunteer’s name in the list of volunteers to the left of the calendar, and lastly pick Driver Manifest Report from the right click menu that appears. As an example, in the picture below the user has selected the 27th of May and has right clicked on Adam Adamson in the list of volunteers. This will print Adam’s driver manifest for the 27th of May.

After you select Driver Manifest Report from the right click menu, the manifest will open up in its own window as a PDF file that you can print out by clicking on the printer icon in the upper left corner of the window. You can save the report by clicking on the floppy disk icon that is just to the right of the printer icon.


Note that eCoordinator automatically adds start and end segments to the report for the portions of the trip that begin and end at the volunteer driver’s residence. Note also that each travel segment in the report is assigned its own manifest Ride number that you can use for reference if needed.


The information in the Driver Manifest Report is customizable. So, please contact Samaritan’s Client Services department if you would like to have different information appear in your organization’s version of the report.

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