Submitting the Ride Survey When It Is Complete

Submitting the Ride Survey When It Is Complete

When you have finished entering information for a volunteer’s rides for a day then just click the OK button under the survey to record the survey information in eCoordinator's log books.

If you don’t have all the information to complete the survey can still click OK to save what you have and then you can come back and edit it later by clicking on the ride in the calendar again or by selecting an entry in the for that volunteer and day in the eCoordinator log books and clicking the Edit button in the log book.


Important note: If multiple volunteers are placed with a ride, only use the Ride Survey to record information for the driver. Information such as hours and expenses for other volunteers should be recorded using a standard survey in eRecruiter or eCoordinator. If there are multiple drivers then separate ride segments for each driver must be scheduled in the calendar.

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