Moving Individual Records

Moving Individual Records

Here is the list of folders after a "Scouts" folder was created. This is what the folder list looks like when nothing in the grid is selected. We cannot move any records because none are selected.

You can only move records between folders if you select them first. Keep in mind that "Scouts" was just created so it does not have anything in it.


When a volunteer is selected, the option to add or remove the volunteer record to/from a folder will display. The options are displayed as red or green arrows.

Red (fl006 left-pointing) and green (fl007 right-pointing) arrows appear only when volunteers are selected. The folder name "My Data" is a rust color because it is the active folder, the folder that we are currently working in.


The red (fl006) arrow next to "My Data" indicates that this volunteer is currently located in the folder. If there is only one red arrow among the folders, clicking it will put the volunteer into the "Recycle Bin." (Do not worry, if you click on the red arrow by mistake, a warning message will display asking you "Are you sure you want to delete this volunteer?") If there is more than one red arrow among the folders, clicking the red arrow will only remove a copy of the record out of the folder that you selected.


The green (fl007) arrows mean that you can copy the record into these folders. You copy the record into the folder by clicking on the green arrow. A record can be copied into as many folders as you wish.


Clicking on the folder or the folder name will only open the folder so it will become the active folder.


If you accidentally moved a volunteer into the "Recycle Bin," you can "Restore" the volunteer by selecting the volunteer while in the "Recycle Bin" and then click the "Restore" button. Restoring a volunteer will move the record back into the "My Data" folder.


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